• landscaping & Renovations

Your home or garden may have been designed several years ago and may show your own landscape. Plants do not differ from other organisms - they become old and worn out just like other living things. Sometimes, the best alternative to useless tradition and useless fertilization is replacing plants that are destroyed by the conditions surrounding the place. We can accurately diagnose your environment problems and make suggestions for more suitable plants for the site.

  • Garden Design and Installation

We design all types of garden landscapes, from shady patio gardens to sunny, designed meadows. Our focus is on native plants first, but we always acknowledge the presence of deer in our area, and we work hard to make sure plantings work well the first time.

  • Garden Maintenance

From a one-time fall cleanup to year-round landscape maintenance, our service can handle it all. We take care of all aspects of garden and landscape maintenance, including leaf-raking/blowing, mulching, pruning, and more.

  • Fountains & Hand Made Waterfalls

We make water fountains and indoor waterfalls for home and garden. Water fountains help you relax and reduce stress. A waterfall table adds life to your home. We make all sizes of waterfalls and water fountains.